Remember the DLI is very spacious but Kloof Country Club, Park Inn in Cape Town – stalls will be cozy. (close together)

• You will get: a trestle table and 2 chairs. A trestle table is about 1.8m in length and 600 mm wide.

• You will need to decorate your own table. Below is an example of a table and 2 chairs.

• Everyone must have finished their setup by 9.15am, doors open at 7.30am for stallholders and 10am to the public.

• Everyone must park their vehicles at the back parking lot. Off loading in the front is only for people with heavy items to carry and prior arrangements need to be made with us.

• If you need a plug, you will need to bring an extension cord and a double plug so that others can use the plug too. You will need to bring black gaffer tape to cover your extension cord if it crosses a passage way so that people will not trip over it.

• The table will have free entrance for 2 staff members. Any extra staff will need to pay the entrance fee.

• No burning or flames of anything in the hall.

• Nothing can be stuck on the walls.

• The show closes at 4pm to the public and stallholders MUST STAY until closing.

• Any therapists bringing beds to the hall must have rubbers under each leg otherwise it should be covered in black gaffer tape. Also it will need to be on a carpet or cloth so that oil does not drip onto the floor. Remember the space allocation is for one bed which replaces the trestle table space.

• Please note the fire escape cannot be blocked.

• We are trying to go PLASTIC & POLYSTYRENE FREE with all shows, please do not use plastic bags to sell your products in. Great alternatives are biodegradable materials or corn starch.

• If you are offering a giveaway please bring your voucher to us in the morning and we will hand it out during the day.

            Please note we are trying to go PLASTIC & POLUSTYRENE FREE this show, please use paper packets for your goods. In the food court we are using paper plates, packets and wooden cutlery.  I’m not saying everything is plastic free but let’s try be conscious of what we are using. 

            Things to Remember:

            1. Table Cloth & Decor
            2. Banners – as walls cannot be used for sticking on.
            3. Pamphlets and business cards
            4. Extension Cord, double adapter and black gaffer tape if needed.
            5. SnapScan, Zapper, or credit card equipment if you are selling items.
            6. Once you have setup your table please take a photo of yourself and your table and Whatsapp it to me. There will be a marketing prize for the best table.
            7. Gift Vouchers for people to purchase for Events or Birthdays.

            Credit Card Purchases:

            Here is Zapper contact details , you need this so people can purchase with their credit cards. Brent Fisher – Account Manager – Zapper South Africa (+27) 82 9288385 Unit 1, The Glades Office Park, 74 Armstrong Avenue, La Lucia Ridge, KZN /

            Or Order a YOCO machine, they are amazing, follow this link

            Banner Printing & Pamphlets

            Print in Time in Pinetown – they are excellent Tel: 031 701 7614 – Caroline

            Things to do once you have settled in on the day!

            Once you have setup please take a photo of yourself with your stall and send it to me on Whatsapp. There will be a prize for the best displayed table. Also CHECK IN on Facebook at our event

            We are looking forward to a wonderful, prosperous, fun show.
            Please share our pamphlet /e-advert with everyone you know on Whatsapp and Social Media.

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