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Psychic Live Circle

10:30 – 12pm:
Psychic Circle

4 Psychics will chat to an audience of 10 for a 20 minute session.
You will have a chance to hear all 4 readers. (Total time 1hr 20 mins)

Afterwards you can book a private session with the psychic of your choice.

Psychic Circle is a extra R50 – Book Here:



Praveshni Harkhu

I AM natural born Clairvoyant/ Clairsentient, Psychic Medium, based in Umhlanga Rocks KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. I am a professional psychic reader since (1989), I have built a reputation nationally and internationally.
I specialize in detailed readings that provide specific messages from spirit. These messages are directed by your dearly departed loved ones, the Angel Realm, our Spirit Guides and my Spirit Guides.


Lynn Monoky

Psychic Lynn was born with the gift of seeing and hearing spirit. She has International Clients and her readings are very accurate. She has been doing this for over 30 years. She does tarrot Card readings dealing with current problems. Crossing Overs giving closure and healing to those having lost loved ones. General counseling and guidence. She is a Usui Reiki Master, Integrated Healing Practitioner, Sound therapist. Laughter Yoga Coach. Specializing in utilizing all of the above in her Healings.


Istvan Monoky

Istvan is an intuitive Psychic and Healer of Hungarian decent. His Hungarian family were well know in the Esoteric realm. With more than 20 years experience Istvan provides accurate readings utilising Tarot Cards and Spiritual guidance. He deals with current issues, and gives insight and counseling. He is available on WhatsApp , Skype and Zoom for local & International clients. In addition Istvan is a powerful healer and Integrated Healing Practitioner based in Kinesiology.



I am a psychic but I combine my gift with life coaching and so that leaves you the seeker feeling empowered and in charge of your life and how it will unfold. Once you feel in control just stay focused and positive and you will live your best life.

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