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Tonya Miles

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Tonya Miles

I have loved the stars since a child – they are incredibly magical to me. Since I was 16 I wanted to be an astrologer so have done astrology readings as my side hustle for quite a few years and now my full time work. It always amazes me the insights and guidance that each chart offers an individual – we really are interesting beings. Astrology can be used as a powerful tool for understanding ourselves, others, and the world around us. We are all unique and an astrology chart reveals to us our lives from birth onwards. My astrology readings include in-depth personal guidance, life transitions/changes.

Through some traumatic life experiences I searched inwards and through art process, colour therapy and healing – it changed my life. I have a deep understanding of the spirit world and the support the angels give us. I have added Bach flower remedies to my practice as they have been a great emotional support to me when I needed it the most and would like to offer their magic to others. Through my life experiences I offer different modalities to help others to either find their groove, mojo, balance or emotional wellbeing.

Let’s connect and I can help you to heal!