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Tia Wiblin – Innate Healing

Innate Healing - handcrafted range of natural products

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Tia Wiblin – Innate Healing

My name is Tia Wiblin and I am the face and heart behind Innate Healing ( and our handcrafted range of natural, powerful and easy to use healing and support products for the energy conscious individual.

I am an Innate Healing Practitioner & Facilitator and I dynamically use my skills in the fields of Healing and Self-development to help those wishing to reach their fullest potential.

I have a particular mission to bring further guidance, inspiration and support tools for those on the path of Healing & Self-development.

I have been practising in the field of Healing and Self-development for over two decades. My training and experience have included Aromatherapy, Nutrition and Natural Supplementation, Detoxification, Counselling, Self-development practices, Meditation, Massage, Bio-Genetic Therapy, Reiki, Energy Healing and Teaching.

My expertise is supported by many years of experience in private practice in Durban, South Africa, where I continue to consult daily with clients through a variety of Healing and Self-development workshops, lectures and courses, a non-profit community enrichment program and private consultations.