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Pineville Junction Wellness Talk & Entertainment Line up

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Talks in the Workshop Room

Join our speakers on various health topics to inspire and support you on your journey.

10.30: Dawn Cameron

Chirology a way to find out how you can experience more meaning and purpose in your life.

Chirology refers to a dialogue therapy that includes analysing the hand, interpreting and integrating your unique and specific psychological profile by incorporating it into your multi-dimensional personality.

It is a profound and accurate experience of establishing trust and transformation.

Join me to find out how you can experience more meaning and purpose in your life.

Giveaway – 1 Lucky winner will receive a full consultation and analysis of their unique strengths, gifts, talents and explore their physical, mental, emotional, vocational and spiritual relationships.

Those attending my talk will qualify for a reduced show price of R500 for a booked consultation made on the day.


Free advice on Health & Fitness & Eating plans

Talk will be about Healthy Active Lifestyle, and the role that Good Nutrition plays in this for Perfect health.

Our mission is to change people’s lives one person at a time and to keep your wellness 100% based on the #1 Nutritional Shake in the world..

The Success we have worldwide is based on the fact that we create communities and customers in our support system are NOT a number but given personal attention, and the magic starts with our support systems for Customers and Preferred customers! Consisting on Zoom Breakfast Clubs, Fit classes on Zoom and live on the Durban Point beach Promenade every Saturday at 7am weekly, 21 Day challenges for Transformation, ULTIMATELY leading to 30 DAY “Super Challenges” with Great cash prizes monthly. Awesome support systems for Customers and Preferred customers!



12.30: Alanha Prior from Energencia

What is Reiki and the benefits of it.
How Reiki can change your life.

Giveaway: 50% off the Reiki course starting in August 2021
This course only.

13.30: Evelyn Alessandri

The Power of Gratitude

How would you rate your inner contentment?

Improve your inner peace and lift your spirit with the practice of gratitude.

Studies show that people who practice gratitude everyday sleep better, suffer less from stress, anxiety and depression, have more energy and better moods.

Gratitude comes from the heart. It helps us to be present, to keep focusing on the good and it gives us another perspective when times are hard.

Evelyn will share her story on how gratitude changed her life and she will give practical advice and tips on how gratitude can turn your life around.

Entertainment for the Day

10:00 Bhakti Marga
– Om Chant Meditation

11:00 Seble Dessalegne
– Yoga & Cardio
Yoga or cardio demo to show people basic practices/activities they can do at home to keep the body healthy and improve body movement.

Giveaway – 1 pack of daily ginger shot – cold pressed juice from Ubuntu wellness

11:30 – Anne Couzens –  Line Dancing

12:00 – Milton Chissano – Saxophone Music

13:00 Tasmin – Venus Moon Bellying Dancing

13:30 Seble Dessalegne – Yoga & Cardio

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