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Kloof Wellness Talk Line up

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10.20 am: Debbie Fox – Feng Shui, the Energy Connection

Talk Information:

Have you ever wondered about the truth of ‘Feng Shui’?

Join us for a riveting presentation on this subject matter whereby Debbie Fox will take us through some incredible facts about this extraordinary form of Chinese Art.

Debbie will show us how a simple shift of stuff can rid our homes and office space of dense negativity and stagnant energy!!

Everyone that applied it recognises a positive shift in their environment and liaisons amid everyone that shared the space, which in-turn boost both relationships and finances.

This exciting presentation which will not only inform you how to boost your personal energy levels, but will show you some easy and simple ways of turning your work and living space into a paradise of fortune and peace!


Debbie Fox has, in the course of her travels, studied Feng Shui as well as many other healing modalities such as BodyTalk, reiki, Aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, massage, the art of dowsing for geopathic stress and blocking it as well as many other health and wellness modalities. She has consulted internationally in the art of Feng Shui for the last 22 years. Her work projects in the field of feng shui have been huge Factories for manufacturing, Office blocks, restaurants, hotels, offices, homes, apartments, farm houses etc.

11.20am: Dr. Jimmy Henderson – Neo-World Consultants

Talk Information:


The talk explains spirituality in terms of human psychology and shows that spiritual development is part of a natural process of self-development, the top end of a gradual learning-curve which introduces new skills relating to mind, perception, emotions and , thinking. Dr. Henderson shows how spiritual unfoldment can be seen as self-actualisation in psychology and metaphysics as having the aim of bringing about this self-actualisation.


Dr. Jimmy Henderson is a cognitive scientist and metaphysician with an honours degree in Philosophy and a doctorate in Psychology from the University of South Africa. He has studied mind and spirit for over thirty five years as a member of the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) and is the published author of a number of books, e-books and many articles on metaphysics and the power of the mind. He is presently an online facilitator for Metavarsity and online tutor for UNISA for psychology students.

In his books and articles he combines psychological research with metaphysics and spirituality and it is this grounding that makes them unique.  He believes that his purpose at this time is to help persons who are sincere in their striving for self-improvement and development to find their way along their own particular path. In this way he sees himself as a spiritual teacher, having the ability to explain truth in a simple and practical way.  He is available to give talks to groups in South Africa.

His website is


Free book giveaway. ‘In Search of the Oracle’ by Dr. Jimmy Henderson

12.20pm: Deborah Posser – Rest and Digest Wellness Haven in Gillitts

Talk Information:

Digestive Health.. we are more than the food we eat

The way we digest our life experiences has an impact it has on our physical, emotional and spiritual digestive processes. We look to the solar plexus area of our personal energetic system that is home in the merging of our internal and external worlds. “I felt it in my tummy” beautifully describes our interpretation of the emotional and physically meeting point.


Digestive health is an integrative process that requires for us to look deeper than the physical body. Deborah’s life experiences and learning practises has led her to work with modalities that support the healing of the emotional and physical digestive system. As a Colon Hydrotherapist, she believes that the blockages must be cleared to bring relief to the physical body. During the healing and restorative process thereof, the person can integrate supportive life style practises.

Deborah draws from her life skills and working with Mother Nature in her teachings and facilitations of supporting others in creating life style changes. Her husband and her created a suburban haven that jointly would give them a canvass to paint their life dreams and experiences. Rest & Digest Haven offers many opportunities to explore and introduce life style skills; from detox retreats, weekend Yoga and Food Retreats and weekly support life style classes for introducing and maintaining daily healthy practises and Kundalini Yoga classes with Deborah.

Giveaway Offer

3 participants to participate in a experiential morning meal planning workshop.

13.20pm: Evelyn Alessandri – The Power of Gratitude

Talk Information:

How does your world matter? How would you rate your inner contentment?

One way of improving your inner peace and balance is to show gratitude. Gratitude comes from the heart. It helps us to be more present and focus our attention on what we appreciate. When life is tough, it gives us another perspective.

Evelyn will share tips on how to live a happier and more fulfilling life through the power of gratitude.


Since 2014, Evelyn has been combining coaching, mentoring and healing. Her passion is to help her clients feel stronger and more settled when dealing with the stress and overwhelm of life. For some time her focus has been to share and encourage individuals to improve their lives by working on self care. In 2019 she launched a Gratitude Journal with a twist. It is not only a way to show gratitude, but it takes you on a journey to help you live a happier life. If you would like to know more about Evelyn’s journey, please visit her website

14.20pm: Lorraine Relleen – Nia Dancing Kloof

Talk Information:
Movement medicine for your body and soul.

Nia, in Swahili, means moving and dancing with purpose.
Join Lorraine Relleen for an interactive presentation on the creation and benefits of Nia dancing, a transformational practise that has kept her “dancing through life” for the past 15 years!  
Nia uses systemic movement, moving the entire body with grounded steps and stances, adaptable to all fitness levels. It has a balance of movement precision with free form expression, all guided by the sensation of joy and pleasure. 
Nia dancing releases tension, lubricates joints, enhances balance, tones muscles, improves cardiovascular performance and promotes flexibility, agility, mobility, stability and strength.
Nia helps you grow in confidence, self expression, self love, self awareness as you listen and trust your body. Nia brings body, mind, emotions and spirit to optimum health, through the magic of music and movement.
It is revitalising, uplifting and life enhancing.


Nia White Belt Training in 2004, with Kathy Wolstenholme, the founder of Nia in SA I began teaching Nia in 2005. Nia Blue Belt Training in 2009, with Anne Christiansen, Trainer from Germany.

I saw Nia for the 1st time on the TV program called “Free Spirit”. The spirit of the people moving and dancing on the program looked so alive and free. I knew that I wanted to feel like that. It called to me – my secret dancer within.

Nia, has given me the opportunity to dance my way into finding and connecting to deeper and unexplored parts of me. Those parts that I felt as ‘soul yearnings’ … when I stopped to listen, but which I often by passed, in the busy day to day.

Nia nudges my creativity, my hidden emotions, opens my heart and rests my busy Gemini mind, bringing my body ‘back home’ – to being absolutely in the moment, blissful and truly alive. So what I know for sure is that Nia is an essential part of my life. It is movement medicine for my body and soul.

Now I get to see the same joy on people’s faces that I glimpsed on “Free spirit” in my Nia Classes! I love it when someone does “dance like nobody is watching” and surrenders themselves to the joy of movement. Nia touches and transforms people. It makes a difference to how people feel about themselves and re-awakens their potential.


One Voucher for everyone at the talk to experience ONE FREE Nia class and 3 vouchers for 1 month (4 classes) FREE classes.

15.20pm: Bach Flowers with Liz Olver 

Talk Information:
An Introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies.

This talk will give you a good insight into the Bach Flower system of emotional healing and wellbeing, and show how these flower essences can raise our vibrational energy. It will cover what the Bach flower essences and Rescue Remedy are, how they work, how they are made, and the history and the philosophy behind this supportive system. You will learn how simple this system is, and how easily you can learn to help yourself and your loved ones through difficult times. We’ll cover the selection process and the various ways they can be used.,…and highlight how individual we can be in making up personal mixes


I am a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Trainer affiliated to the Bach Centre in the UK. I run a practice from Johannesburg, offering Bach consultations (skype as well) , and I also run internationally certified Level 1 Introductory and Level 2 Advanced courses in South Africa. I believe the Bach remedies, being energetic in nature, simple, safe and gentle, are a great way forward in health and wellness. I also offer Integrated Healing and Brain Gym balances as separate modalites….all three practices are gentle , yet profound in their results.


I will be giving away a copy of the book, Emotional Wisdom, written by Lynn Macwhinnnie, senior trainer at the Bach Centre. “This book reveals the innate nature of emotional wisdom and the simplicity of Dr Bach’s amazing healing system of 38 flower remedies. With full colour photographs and concise remedy descriptions you will easily identify the flowers you could use right now, and have a ready guide for your journey to a happier healthier life.”

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