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Give Aways

Want to WIN a Prize at the Body and Mind Festival ?

Join us from 10am to 4pm.
Loads of entertainment, food and stalls.
Entrance payable at the door,
children under 12 are free,
we also have a kiddies entertainment section.

Easy Peezy….

Go to Facebook and..

1. Check in, or tell us where you are.
2. Take a selfie with one of our pamphlet or of the streetpole advert or share the above picture.
or just share our pamphlet.
3. Add #BodyandMindFestival

It’s that easy!!

(Winners will be announced and collected at the Body and Mind Celebration Festival )

Book your entrance ticket with Zapper, online or cash!

You can WIN:

2 x 10 ml Bottles of Christine Aileen Rejuvenating Serum by Aloe Vera Africa

Free book giveaway. ‘In Search of the Oracle’ by Dr. Jimmy Henderson

3 participants to participate in a experiential morning meal planning workshop by Deborah Posser

One Voucher for everyone at the talk to experience ONE FREE Nia class and 3 vouchers for 1 month (4 classes) FREE classes by Lorraine Relleen

Free book on Emotional Wisdom written by Lynn Macwhinnnie – senior trainer at the Bach Centre – Liz Olver

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