Thank you again for everything dear Traci!
Hope you have had a good rest and catch up!
It really was a wonderful festival! Well done??
– Senta Duffield

The fair was so amazing the energy inside the hall yesterday was on such a different level.
– Tracy Holland

Thank you so much for such an amazing, well put event. You really did an incredible job!
– Deneshness Moodley

The feedback has been exceptionally positive – well done to you and the team. Much love.
– Debra Stevens

Thank you for a really amazing and well organized event. Enjoyed myself soo much and met many new people.
– Jenny Holland

Thank you Traci French and team for putting a wonderful show together where we could share our knowledge and teachings, make new friends and soak up the good vibe.
– Nici Oosthuizen

The best show I have been to and had the privelege of taking part in. Gratitude all round.
– Chrisna Ashforth XX

Well done. It was a very enjoyable weekend. Well organized.
Body and mind festival is over. Thank you Traci French for all your hard work. Very well done!??
– Tracy White

Rum Dotan – Love – Great show Traci French!

Congratulations! So proud of you!
– Kirthi Biseswar 

Thanks so much Traci for organizing such a successful event – you are a wizard. Hope to see you soon down here in paradise. Thanks again for everything.
– Amanda Dutton

Awesome event…thank you for an amazing event.
– Melissa Mahabeer

You did an Amazing job Traci – a Beautiful Gentle Flowing Energy all weekend. Your organization skills are supreme.
– Eva De Fleuriot 

Amazing Show.
– Cathy Whelan – Bruce

Thanks to you for an amazing expo.
– John Dutton 

Hi Tracey. Wendy from Beautiful Earth. Thank you for the wonderful week end at the Body and Mind Festival. Stunning effort and well run.
– Wendy Wotherspoon.

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Giveaways and prizes at the show

Entertainment in dance circle

Directions to our show

Talks in our Chat Circle in the courtyard

Stallholders and exhibitors

Feedback and what people has said about our show

Terms and Conditions and more…..

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