Gauteng – Body and Mind Wellness Day

Event Date:

January 30, 2021

Event Time:

10:00 am

Event Location:

FiXiT Health Hub

Blissful Festivity Day for All~ Body, Mind & Soul!

Please note date TBA


Treat yourself to a Heavenly Day filled with plenty Pampering Options coupled with superb Informative Talks & Presentations covering a Variety of Topics to Complement and Enhance one’s Perception of a Nourishing Lifestyle, whilst having fun!


Meet and Mingle with Health & Wellness Practitioners from a variety of platforms as they share their expertise from ordinary to extraordinary. Consult a reader or two to get guidance with your life.


Scrumptious Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch served at by our food stalls.


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Our Speaker times: 30 mins plus 10 mins Q&A


Jayni Roxton – Created to Transform YourSelf: Aura, Soul, Art – Three Pictures


Painting the big picture- The Aura
Who you are in context of the Cosmos and your location frequency

Painting the personal picture – The Soul.
Who you are in context of Earth and why your body matters

Painting the transformational picture – The Art
Who you become by using intuitive subliminal modalities to expand personal awareness and deepen mindfulness.
Chakradance – Intuitive movement
SoulFul Art – Intuitive art-making
Transformational SoulPath Retreats – Transformational destination focused retreats


Biography: Jayni was born with the natural gift to perceive frequencies that manifest as fields of energy around all things. She developed her natural ability initially through hands-on-healing and subsequently by studying numerous and varied healing modalities. Active in the healing sector for over 30 years, Jayni offers intuitive consultations (SoulPath Wellness), intuitive movement classes (Chakradance) & intuitive art-making workshops (SoulFul Art) as well as SoulPath retreats.


Giveaway: x 10 Chakradance Attunement classes worth R100 each
x 5 SoulFul Art Classes worth R350 each





Reiki by Tara – Conscious Parenting and The importance of Mindfulness for Children


Conscious parenting takes parenting to the next level. Learning how to reach out to your children and parent them in order for them to start living the best version of themselves from an early age.

Mindfulness for children encourages children to be more present and to know how to deal with their emotions from an early age. This will create peaceful environments in schools, homes, communities and the world! Invest in your child by giving them the power to understand that they can create their heaven on earth.


Biography: My name is Tara and I am a Reiki practitioner, life coach and yogi.
My passion is working with parents and children to empower them with the tools that they need to create a wonderful happy life.

I believe that we owe it to ourselves and our children to be the best version of ourselves everyday and as a mother myself I understand the difference mindful makes in your parenting journey.

I am grateful to be able to share my space with you.


Giveaway: 3 vouchers for a conscious parenting workshop





Liz Olver -Intro to Bach Flowers


This talk will give you a good insight into the Bach Flower system of emotional healing and wellbeing, and show how these flower essences can raise our vibrational energy. It will cover what the Bach flower essences and Rescue Remedy are, how they work, how they are made, and the history and the philosophy behind this supportive system. You will learn how simple this system is, and how easily you can learn to help yourself and your loved ones through difficult times. We’ll cover the selection process and the various ways they can be used, and highlight how individual we can be in making up bespoke personal mixes.


Biography: I am a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Trainer affiliated to the Bach Centre in the UK. I run a practice from Johannesburg, offering Bach consultations (skype as well) , and I also run internationally certified Level 1 Introductory and Level 2 Advanced courses in South Africa. I believe the Bach remedies, being energetic in nature, simple, safe and gentle, are a great way forward in health and wellness. I also offer Integrated Healing, Edu K Brain Gym balances, and I sell the Young Living range of essential oils.


Giveaway: Copy of the book, Emotional Wisdom, written by Lynn Macwhinnie, senior trainer at the Bach Centre. “This book reveals the innate nature of emotional wisdom and the simplicity of Dr Bach’s amazing healing system of 38 flower remedies. With full colour photographs and concise remedy descriptions you will easily identify the flowers you could use right now, and have a ready guide for your journey to a happier healthier life.”





Diane Brear – AnamCara’s Healing – Medicine Drum Meditations & Journeys


Join me to learn about journeying inwards to deeper meditative states to assist you to heal your inner wounds.
Journeying is a powerful Shamanic practise which can unlock healing from your subconscious. This talk will explore the different realms of the World Tree, the opportunities that journeying brings, common blocks to journeying and how to gain the most out of these journeys.



Biography: Diane Brear is an AnamCara (Soul Guide) and Reiki Master, a womb keeper, priestess and a teacher. She is attuned to master level in Usui Tibetan Reiki and practitioner level in Jikiden Reiki. She runs her holistic practice AnamCara from the quiet leafy suburb of Blairgowrie, Randburg.

Diane specializes in healing soul wounds and guiding clients on a journey of awakening. Using Reiki energy, shadow and shamanic techniques, Diane guides and mentors her clients as they begin to rediscover lost or broken pieces of their souls. By creating calm, comfortable, and restful spaces, she helps people feel safe as they engage in the deeper work of healing past wounds.


As an Esoteric teacher and Reiki Master Teacher, Diane believes it essential to empower others to heal themselves. She provides clients and students with the necessary tools and techniques to build a daily practice of spiritual self-care.
Driven by her passion for teaching, she offers courses in Usui Tibetan Reiki from Level I to Masters. She provides an array of Esoteric workshops and courses which are schedule on a regular basis. Courses include but are not limited to: Astray Doorways, Conscious Creators, Crystal Workshops, Integrating Higher Consciousness into Daily Life, Munay-Ki, and Rite of the Womb.


Together with her partner they facilitate monthly drum journey circles and meditation groups. Her Crystal Elixirs and natural sprays, support the energy of her practise as an AnamCara.

Diane has studied and qualified in these modalities:
Complementary Therapist (HHI Comp) (subjects included Acupressure, Anatomy and Physiology, Aromatherapy, Business Skills, Colour Therapy, Counselling, Holistic Massage, Nutrition, and Hot Stone Therapy.), Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, Thai Sen Foot Massage, Soul Retrieval, Munay-KI Rites, Wombkeeper (Rite of the Womb), Numerology, Jikiden Reiki Practitioner, Embracing Your Shadow, Experiencing Shamanic Journeying, Shamanic Visioning, Celtic Magic specific to An Morrigan & Irish deities, Irish Fairy Lore, Traditional Irish Lore


Giveaway: voucher for a session of choice to one attendee



Jhahn Meagan Smith – Hippy and the Witch – How everything is connected as well as a Q & A session


The spectrum of light we learn how light travels at different speeds due to the energy it vibrates at, Chakra’s have colours that vibrate at various frequencies, colour therapy works from colours that vibrate at specific frequencies that enable us to balance and assist us in healing ourselves. Everything is connected. Energy is everywhere! In this talk you will be given tools to assist you in connecting to your own energy, to balance your own energy, and how to protect your energy when in a negative environment.


Biography: Jhahn Meagan Kruger aka – Meagan.

I received my first set of Tarot Cards as a present, and it just came very easily to me. I have been reading cards ever since, and that was well over 20 years ago. Since then I have grown and developed my gifts to include: Reiki Healing, Spirit Guide Channeling, Energy Healing, Angelic Healing, Tea Leaf Reading, Past life Reading, and Hypnotherapy that specializes in Past Life Regression and Stress Management. In 1998 I launched my esoteric shop “the Witchery” that was situated in Fourways, that was active for over 5 years. However after I had my first baby I closed the shop and decided to rather focus on Workshops, and my Tarot Card Readings. During that time I was featured in Woman and Home Magazine, the SABC television program NineNine, the local Chronicle Newspaper, as well as having been interviewed on 702 on Kate Turkington’s show when I launched my Pagan magazine “Skyclad”.


My Tarot Card Readings are very relaxed and I view them as a form of Counselling. I use a number of decks in my readings which adds that unique-ness to all my readings. I do not time my readings as I feel that it is my responsibility to tell my clients what the Universe needs them to know. On average my readings are an hour long, sometimes longer. I also offer the services of a Herbal Apothecary, whereby I provide my clients with the necessary tea’s, incense, and herbal bath soaks to assist them with the trials and tribulations of life. This service is by appointment only as each is made specifically for each individual need.


Giveaway: 2 prizes for 2 individuals to have a One question Tarot Card Reading each.



Joseph Winer- Oxygenate – The benefits of oxygen therapy


The benefits of oxygen therapy have been well documented and in fact on 7/10/2019 the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly to William G. Kaelin Jr., Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe and Gregg L. Semenza for their discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability.

Oxygen therapy assists with oxygen saturation in blood & cells, increased cerebral blood flow, collagen synthesis, stem cell increases and improved immunity.


The Biobarica (RevitalAir) 430 hyperbaric chamber is a vessel that creates an increase in atmospheric pressure (1,4 ATA) by using an air compressor. While in the chamber the occupant breathes oxygen enriched air that creates a physiological process known as “hyperoxia” which is the level at which the oxygen carrying capacity within the body is optimized. In other words, it oxygenates the cells in one’s body. When the process occurs, inspired oxygen saturates the red blood cells and the excess dissolves in blood plasma, which raises the oxygen tension in arteries, blood vessels and extracellular fluids and from this process, oxygen is highly available to penetrate into all tissues and cells. This triggers a series of physiological benefits in the body. It is the co-adjuvant action of these favourable physiological events that assist in the improvement and management of many diseases.


Biography: Joseph began his career as a lawyer when he graduated from the Universidad Catolica Boliviana in 2006. In 2007 due to family circumstances he took over the three family businesses in construction, import and export and logistics. As the managing director of these three companies he learned how to maneuverer his way through the complicated situations of owning and managing a business. In 2009, he moved to South Africa and open the first Salt Therapy Room in Africa in Sandton, Johannesburg. At the same time, he got involved in the Weltsman Group of companies in positions of general manager and logistics manager. He has also been involved in product development for MG pre paid debit cards, Emperor Pharmaceuticals and Foreign exchange. In 2011, he opened a medical emergency company, Ice-Aid which provided medical emergency information services. In late 2015, Oxygenate was born, representing the Biobararica from Argentina, and soon becoming the largest medium hyperbaric oxygen therapy center chain. In 2016 Joseph became involved as the Chief Operating officer for the Rivonia Medical and Sports Centre, an exclusive health centre offering turnkey solutions to medical professionals. Finally In 2019 he co founded a property development company called Sherlock Homes, Elevate O2 (supplemental oxygen) and a disruptive medical payment system Alterna Health.


Giveaway: 4 x Free Sessions








Carmina Dos Santos – How to implement Life Skills into your daily routine


I am a Certified Life Skills Coach. I am inspired to help people indentify what is important to them and to become the best version of themselves. I will hold a workshop on how to implement Life Skills into your daily routine. This will be applicable to any age. There are various topics I cover, eg Anxiety, Practicing Mindfulness, Finding your Values and directing them in the same direction as your goals – which the latter is a skill in its own . . . . . to name a few.


Biography: I’m a mom of 3, now grown up adults. As a single mom and running my own business for now 24years, I had to master the skills to balance the two and instill them in my children. They are all independent and living abroad. My business that I run is marketing of all types of blinds, corporate gifts and branding. While running my business I decided to pursue my passion and joined Toastmasters to perfect my skills in speaking as well as Leadership. I’m three steps away from reaching the highest level in Toastmasters and that is DTM – Distinguished Toastmaster. I added to my passion of helping others by completing my Life Skills Course through “The School of Life”. Which has qualified me to be a Life Skills Coach & Trainer, run Life Skills Workshops & together with The School of Life and their coaches. We do Character Education Curriculum Coaching at the schools and I work in the Gauteng area. I can do consultation in various virtual offices I have available or online sessions..


Giveaway: 30minute introduction session




Kinga Szilagyi – Inner Luminescence – How can numerology help you to understand the dynamics in your relationship


Your relationship by numbers- How can numerology help you to understand the dynamics in your relationship.


Biography: My passion is emotional freedom and maturity. The freedom of being in love with who we are, to be in love fully and completely by understanding what is true and what is false in our life. Some of our unhelpful patterns, thinking does not belong to us, but we were made to believe they do. Our upbringing often determines how we see the people and the world around us. Sometimes a traumatic event occurs and it will alter our life for ever.
As a certified Family Constellation Facilitator, Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Transpersonal Numerologist, Art and Laughter Yoga Therapist I use a wide spectrum of methods to help my clients reach the sate of feeling balanced and content with their life.


Giveaway: 5 Free 1 hour long Introduction Sessions



Rose Morgan – Access Bars & Energetic Facelift


I offer Access Bars sessions, I also teach this amazing one day class. I also offer Access Energetic Facelift and this is also a one day class that I teach. I offer House Clearings and I do one on one and private online sessions to help people cope with trauma and stress they may be experiencing in life.

The amazing thing with bars is that it helps depression and Dr. Terrie Hope has conducted clinical trials with this

I am also involved with Bars research with Dr Terrie Hope and getting this into schools and the police force here in South Africa. This will be happening much later this year.

There are studies currently being conducted in the UK at a school and a study being done at a local police station.


Biography: I was introduced to Access Consciousness in July 2017, through a friend who sent me a YouTube link to watch this crazy clearing statement from Dr Dain Heer. That wonderful video led me to Access Consciousness and The Bars.

I was so excited to learn the Bars, I found a Bars Facilitator and attended class without even having had my Bars run. After the class I had a sense that I had come home and I knew I wanted to teach this to others.

The Bars class was so much fun !! I have attended many other courses in the past, Reiki Masters, Channelling, Colour Therapy, EFT, NLP and Massage. The one modality out of all of these, that has changed my life…… is ‘The Access Bars’. I now Facilitate classes with ease and joy! These classes are amazing and so much fun and it always amazes me to see the changes it brings to so many peoples lives.

I also attended an Access Energetic Facelift class shortly after my Bars class and that too was amazing. I now teach this amazing one day class. I love to seethe dynamic changes that happen to bodies while giving a session and teaching this class.


Giveaway: 4 Free bars session






Evelyn Alessandri – The power of Gratitude.


Improve your inner peace and balance with the practice of gratitude.

Studies show that people who practice gratitude everyday sleep better, suffer less from stress, anxiety and depression, have more energy and better moods.
Gratitude comes from the heart. It helps us to be present, to keep focusing on the good and it gives us another perspective when times are hard.

Evelyn will share her story on how gratitude changed her life and she will give practical advice and tips that can be used in everyday life.



Biography: Since 2014, Evelyn has been combining coaching, mentoring and healing.
Her passion is to help her clients feel stronger and more settled when dealing with the stress and overwhelm of life.
For some time her focus has been to share and encourage individuals to improve their lives by working on self care. In 2019 she launched a Gratitude Journal with a twist. It is not only a way to show gratitude, but it takes you on a journey to help you live a happier life.
If you would like to know more about Evelyn’s journey, please visit her website
Alternatively, please feel free to follow her on social media.  She is active on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.



Giveaway: 1 x Journal





Karen Lange – Reiki Association


Reiki: Eastern vs Western styles

1. Usui Shiki Ryho
2. Usui Reiki Ryho
3. Gendai Reiki
4. Jikiden Reiki
5. Karuna Reiki(R)

With so many credible forms of Reiki on offer; each offering its own Geographical flair; how does the practitioner choose what is best for the client.

After all isn’t the energy the same? We will look at the emergence of these different forms of Reiki and how they have been adapted over the years.

This talk will come with a slide show of Reiki sacred places including photos of Mount Kurama (where Usui Sensei discovered Reiki), Usui Sensei’s birth village, his school and will address the differences between the different forms of Reiki.


Biography: Karen Lange is a Qualified Educator, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Grand Master and Master Teacher since 1999, Gifted psychic and Chairperson of The Reiki association of Southern Africa. She is also the Karuna reiki practitioner representative for South Africa. She is also recognized as a teacher by the Jikiden Reiki institute in Kyoto Japan. She began her career as a school teacher in Biological Sciences. She left the teaching profession to follow her spiritual calling of empowerment teacher and spiritual councilor. Karen teaches Reiki, Crystal Healing, Inner Alchemy and facilitates Louise Hay empowerment workshops. She is the principal teacher at the Soul Healing Academy and also a talented exhibiting artist. She has designed courses that are taught worldwide. Karen has been on Television, Radio and written articles in numerous magazines. Member of the task team scoping the curriculum for a National Certificate, with Health and Welfare Skills Education Training Authority – HWSETA and Quality Council for Trades and Occupations.


Giveaway: 10 copies of the odyssey magazine with the article on Reiki and A R200 off voucher on any soul Healing Academy talks





Lilith Walliser – Lose Weight using only your Mind-Power


How you can lose weight without diets, pills and exercise by tapping into your subconscious mind (that message gets a bit lost in 6 words) The title says it all. In this talk, you will learn about why diets, exercises and pills dont work, why that weight keeps on coming back, with its friends. Learn how the subconscious actually controls your responses to food and urges, and some mind hacks you can use to increase your weight-loss success.



Biography: I am an internationally and locally certified Hypnotherapist and Holistic-Life Coach I do Hypno-Coaching) and have over a decade of experience in mentoring and transforming lives through private consultations and through workshops.

Having suffered from an eating disorder for many years as a young woman, I have a great empathy and understanding towards weight-management issues, and am living proof that it can be overcome if you have the right tools!

My journey taught me that it all starts in the mind. The mind has always been a source of wonder and fascination for me and my studies and research into the subconscious mind showed me how changing the way you think will literally transform your life, forever.

I am an advocate of Holistic-Living, a life that is healthy, meaningful and encompasses every aspect of You – Body, Mind and Soul. With this approach in mind, I specialise in:
* Stress & Anxiety Management
* Weight Management
* Personal and Spiritual Development


Giveaway: Mind Training Audio







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Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Location:

  • FiXiT Health Hub
  • 113 Martha Road, Fontainebleau
  • Randburg
  • Gauteng
  • 2032
  • South Africa

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  • January 30, 2021 10:00 am   -   4:00 pm
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