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Marion Nixon
– Healing Childhood Trauma

Talk Information:

Do you struggle to achieve what you want? Does ‘life’ keep sabotaging your plans? How often do you say ‘not enough’ – not enough time, money, energy, experience, knowledge… but secretly feel you’re not good enough?

If you are struggling
* to achieve things that you really want
* with addictions and compulsions of any kind
* to break old patterns that no longer serve you
* to form or maintain good relationships
the chances are that you are still living out beliefs you took on in early childhood that kept you safe then but are now restricting your ability to live life fully.

Even seemingly minor hurts and scares can be traumatic when you are small and in adulthood their impact is often overlooked. Because the memories and the lessons learnt from them are embedded in your subconscious mind, healing them requires that you re-programme your subconscious mind with new ‘rules’/beliefs.

Rewriting you ‘blueprint’ is now possible using simple techniques based on the neuroplasticity of the brain and it is easier than you think!


Marion Nixon: Positive Results Coach
I am passionate about enabling women who want to live full and joyful lives achieve the business/career and personal lifestyle goals by releasing the subconscious beliefs that hold them back from achieving the results and living the life they want.

I’ve been there and have learnt how to clear the subconscious inner resistance that holds you back from achieving your dreams. For years I watched my dream slowly wither while I stayed trapped by the salary of a dead-end job until I was retrenched and had to recreate my life. I set up a complementary health practice and soon learnt that good health starts in the mind, not the body and that led me to a new passion. This includes enabling my clients release the anxiety of starting new lives, of stepping into the unknown as they reach for their dreams and supporting them as they grow in courage and confidence.

The techniques I use are based on brain neuroplasticity which makes it easy to rewrite old thought patterns and beliefs into new ones that support successful achievement. I also enable my clients to re-asses and clarify what they want in life and/or their business so they can confidently take action to make this a reality.

My training covers a wide range of complementary health modalities which inform the transformation work I do. I have two decades of experience in my private practice and corporate stress management service. This includes seven years working at the High Rustenberg Hydro in Stellenbosch and 10 years teaching Namikoshi Shiatsu.

My desire to help others achieve their dreams comes from my personal experience of breaking free from personal limiting beliefs into a new way of life. Before I discovered the world of natural health my love of learning took me into the academic world, and to a Masters Degree in Religious Studies. My spiritual life is the foundation of my compassion and concern for the well-being of others.



Dyan Belonje
– Relationship and Communication Patterns

Talk Information:

Relationship and communication patterns extend to all aspects of our lives. Our relationship with ourselves will determine how we respond to work relationships, family relationships, partners, children and others. This talk will be based on my book: ‘Messenger in the Mirror.’ We will review and discuss the toxic patterns and pay-offs in our key relationships and look at how we can manifest the love and life we deserve.


My interest in metaphysical subjects began in 1988 after a near death experience. However, much of my working career has been spent in the medical industry as a medical technologist doing project and laboratory management as well as in sales in the pharmaceutical industry. Sound and energy healing is my passion and aligning Mind, Body and Spirit to the rhythm of life is a means to a joyful and calm way of being.
Science and Spirituality are intertwined. Everything forms vibrational patterns and the key for us is to find our unique note – our inner harmony. We all have the opportunity to harmonize our flow to a note of joy and to live our lives on purpose.



Dialina Baumann
– Three Cheers to Access Bars®!

Talk Information:

I would love you to relax & let go of all thoughts, feelings, and emotions as I guide you through the wonder-filled world of Access Bars®; and share with you some of the magical and practical tools of Access Consciousness® – tools to make your life easier, better, kinder, happier.


I discovered “the Bars” about 8 years ago when a friend asked me to be her “guinea pig” so that she could practice her newly found tools from Access Consciousness®. I was only too keen to play along, to learn something new, to add to my “self-help regime”. I was always looking for something that would keep me positive, and that would help me deal with the stresses and strains of a job that I loved, but that was becoming more stressful and demanding by the day.

It turned out to be so simple and easy – no mess, no fuss, no “snot en trane”. The hardest part was permitting me to lie down and to relax.

Today I share this technique with anyone who is looking for a different way of being with themselves; to see what it’s like to be kind, caring & nurturing for themselves; to be happy, and to embark on the magical journey that is life.

Join me for an Access Bars® experience.




Elizabeth Bardin
– What if it is time to unlock the secrets of the Mexican Pyramids and decipher the true messages of the Mayan calendar?

Talk Information:

Talking about how the ancient earth-connected practices of the Mayans can assist us now in these times of uncertainty. Illustrations of what you can do to apply it in your life now.


Elizabeth Bardin is a psychic earth energy and crystal master who takes Earth retreat trips to power places such as Machu Picchu, Peru, Mexico, Egypt and Italy. She was a commercial attorney by profession, studied many healing modalities, and her passion now is to create a new earth-connected world that is free. She is active on social media as an earth influencer and teacher and lives in Pringle Bay, near Cape Town, South Africa. The workshops and trips she offers have both a personal and global focus and are intuitively guided by the Earth.



Rita Schoeman
– Are dreams merely part of the sleep cycle, or do they serve another purpose?

Talk Information:

Are dreams merely part of the sleep cycle, or do they serve another purpose? If you’re ready to enrich and possibly transform your life through understanding your dreams but you don’t know where to start and you’d like me to accompany, support, and guide you on your way, then my “Explore Your Dreams” is for you.


I am an IntegrativeLife Coach. Integrative coaching presents an all-encompassing holistic rather than an exclusive or reductive approach. It includes a diverse range of healing modalities in the areas of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness to make positive changes in all areas of your life. Dreamwork is just a tool in my toolbox, but one that I am passionate about.



Peter Stutz
– How your health may be impacted by 5G and other non-native EMFs

Talk Information:

Did you know that the average levels of “ambient electrosmog” in the microwave radiation range has increased 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 fold in the last 100 years?

And now, across the world, 5G is being rolled out by the Telecommunications industry – every person on earth will have access to super fast wireless communications from anywhere in the planet facilitating the new “smart everything” era. To achieve this, millions new 5G base stations will be deployed on earth and in space.

If you’re curious, concerned and would like to get a view of how your health may be impacted by 5G and other non-native EMFs, then come and discover what this means to us now and our future generations.


Peter is a Geovital consultant and Director of EMFREE, a company dedicated to helping people to achieve a healthy living environment, free of electrosmog and other toxic radiation through educational seminars and home assessments. Peter has a M.Sc in Computer Science and has over 30 years experience in the IT networking industry.



Brett Simpson
–  The foundation pillars used to heal dis-ease

Talk Information:

Learn both what 1 500 spontaneous remission/ordinary human beings did to HEAL as well as the secrets of longevity in Blue Zones, as I guide you through the principles, techniques, and the science that will help bulletproof you and your family’s HEALTH – and lives…

Join spontaneous-remission cancer survivor and resilience coach, Brett W Simpson, for his introductory Health and Wellness talk. “We now truly understand our capacity and responsibility, anchored in irrefutable science, to influence and super charge our Health.”

In this talk Brett will model how three “terminally” dis-eased cancer patients used scientifically-based pillars to heal themselves from illness and compare this to Dan Beuttners Blue Zone communities where being old means active and healthy.

He will speak about – and explain – the foundation pillars used to heal dis-ease and live past 100 years old, which also underpin the ingredients for a fulfilling and healthy life. Whether you wish to understand what you can do to greatly influence a dis-ease state, or wish to build a dis-ease proof life and live a long and healthy life, his talk will give you undeniable proof on how to LIVE in wellness and health – for you and those you love.


Brett’s career as a life coach began in 2007. After being diagnosed with an unusually-aggressive skin cancer (squamous carcinoma) that spread into his lymphatic system and threatened him with a potentially terminal prognosis, he needed to unravel the emotional and psychological impact of his cancer journey.
He has since become a highly-reputable, sought-after cancer guide and guardian, drawing on more than a decade’s dedication to counselling, coaching, studying and personal experimentation to find true holistic wellness.
His knowledge and heart-centred approach, combined with his experience within his own cancer journey as a patient, carer, guide and guardian provide him with a unique combination of skills and wisdom to facilitate meaningful shifts in those seeking a soft landing, support, practical tools and a tangible plan towards healing.
Brett is a qualified Coaches Training Institute (CTI) life coach (2007) and an accredited Integrative Enneagram practitioner. Brett held the position of Patient Care Director at Hummingbird Cancer Centre, was the CEO of Cancer Buddies and wrote the iBuddie guidance and healing program for People Living with Cancer (PLWC) , before building his own consulting and coaching practice.



Eliza James
– Journey to Self with St Germain

Talk Information:

To know your truth, to be truly free – you have to know your own good Self. That Inner Journey is better navigated and more calmly experienced, when well guided. It is this (publication) ‘A Most Extraordinary Journey of Self-Discovery’, under the guidance of Comte de St Germain – Teacher of Ancient and Inner Wisdom, that I wish to share with you. Not that you may emulate my particular journey, but that you be encouraged and empowered to embark on your own Becoming. The time of the individual is upon us. Let us take responsibility for Self, with courage and understanding.


Energy Healing Practitioner (19yrs)
Seeker of Truth & Navigator toward the Self (40yrs)
Student of Ascended Master St Germain (5yrs)
Self-published Author (2019)
And my 9am-5pm, day to day job: Director of an NGO




Evelyn Alessandri
– The Power of Gratitude

Talk Information:

Evelyn shares her personal story of how one moment of gratitude changed her life.
She also gives practical examples of how you can use gratitude to change your life no matter what your circumstance.

Through the practice of gratitude we become more connected to the ordinary things in life. We also begin to recognise our own talents and unique gifts.

Evelyn will be promoting her gratitude journal which is changing lives daily.


Evelyn Alessandri is an Intuitive Coach based in Durban. Her passion to reach a larger audience resulted in her launching a Gratitude Journal with a difference. This special book gives you the opportunity to write down one thing you’re grateful for every day. Added to that, in between the pages are an array of fun trackers, mandalas and life tools to help with some of the challenges that life throws our way. Her book was recently featured in the March Ideas magazine and continues to gain recognition countrywide.



Anthea Torr

Talk Information:

Sharing knowledge from Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters on our “I AM” Presence, the Universal Laws of Life, and the use of the Sacred Fire, especially the VIOLET FIRE, and methods to apply daily to FREE ourselves from our self created limitations!


I have been studying and sharing this sacred knowledge since 2009. Since 2014 I have happily lived in a motorhome and travel (when not in lockdown 🙂 continually running free workshops on these life-changing Teachings.

All workshops are FREE and all books sold at cost, as this is not a commercial venture.

The books are also freely available on the website in ebook format:



Jason Harris
Freedom within

Talk Information:

Freedom within



There are many forces on this planet that have been controlling and manipulating Human Kind over the ages.

Come join Jason as he explores the different shackles, we all have adopted. Those that are self-imposed and those that we believe have been applied by others. Then, together with the audience, we will do a Life Alignment group Balance to help break free and claim our individual power.  As a World we have to work together and help each other shift out of the perceived chains and move forward towards a place love and freedom.




– Subject

Talk Information:





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