Sean Finch – Twitch EMS

Sean Finch – Twitch EMS
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We a private personal EMS studio, focusing on individuals needs and goals. Specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy.We also have our own range of organic aromatherapy products. Twitch EMS was founded by two hard working professionals who could never find time to train, Twitch was created to offer a time efficient and high intensity workout, no matter how busy your lifestyle. With continued research into new applications for this technology and partnering with i-Motion, Twitch is looking to pave the way in the EMS revolution in South Africa. We have been offering our clients the opportunity to stay fit, get stronger and recover faster in just a fraction of the time. We push the boundaries and challenge convention to offer our clients the very best, which is why we offer the leading technology led by highly qualified and experienced trainers. Our holistic approach to fitness is more than just a workout, it’s a lifestyle. We wanted to create something that is sustainable long term and will fit into your busy schedule, freeing up more time, doing what matters most.


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