About Us

Welcome One and All! Although thoughts of initiating the Body and Mind site intuitively occupied my mind as early as 1999, I was thrilled to finally go ‘live’ in 2000. After all, this was the turn of technology, the Y2K! The idea behind the site was to create a suitable platform which those within the Health, Wellness and Cognitive industries could use to promote and share their expertise.

I am happy to say that I am blessed to LIVE MY PASSION, as I love what I do, and am truly honored and humbled to serve alongside some amazing and inspiring souls who have become like family. The flip-side of this is to be able to assist others from all walks of life to discover or expand their own journey of healing.

My vision for Body and Mind hasn’t changed over the years; it was and still is to be a foremost South African Online health  and Wellbeing Directory, to match patient and therapist alike.

At Body and Mind we strive to promote the A-Z of all complementary and alternative therapies, cognitive services, along with mainstream health practitioners,  all on the same platform. At the end the day be it Aromatherapy or Zen meditation, it’s all about making YOU feel fantastic!

www.bodyandmind.co.za is a NATIONAL directory of health professionals which include an online shopping facility where relating products to support and improve your overall health and vitality can be obtained.

About me…Traci French – Owner/Director (Est 2000)

Due to recurrent childhood injuries I had no option to have a complicated back operation when I was 18 years old. After much research (bar toxic painkillers) I found Aromatherapy Treatments the most effective to help with mobility, pain and healing.

Sadly at the turn of the century my Aroma Therapist emigrated, and as I didn’t know anyone else I started searching the Nett. My unrewarding search intensified over days, until I finally realised unless I create a professional online health directory myself, I may as well knock on dead-man’s door!

After much collaboration within my mental boardroom, in April 2000 Body and Mind was born! Interest flooded in from all over the country as a directory of this nature was the first of its kind in South Africa!

Therapists from all over the country were thrilled to have ‘their own’ platform to promote from. I started out creating a page per therapist which has now expanded into a mini-blog per therapist.

I started by sending out a regular newsletter detailing my experiences of various therapies to around 40 people. I am happy to say that we now distribute to over 35 000 people nationwide who eagerly subscribe to the newsletter. I also introduced mailshots, which goes out to our database regularly at a minimal extra charge which has proven to be very successful

Body and Mind has grown from strength to strength and has established a fantastic rating on internet search engines. We are considered a well-established website with continuous updates and useful content. To view our online stats with Alexa.com Click Here

We invite you to browse through our online health directory of healers and therapists, enjoy a host of interesting regular articles and reviews and if possible, do join us at one of our local Vitality Expos in Kwa-Zulu Natal.